Covid-19 has been a real challenge for restaurants around the world. Many of them have been forced to close, and the lucky few who have remained open sometimes find it difficult to respect health protocols while maximizing their space. “Design Corps” is an exciting program in New York city meant to help restaurants redesign and restructure their dining space. Free registration is offered for any restaurant in need, allowing it to take part in the “Open Restaurants program” which aims at improving space efficiency whilst respecting sanitary guidelines. 

Designers who volunteer for collaboration are also invited to register on the website and may offer all sorts of different kinds of help to the community. Many cities have developed similar programs to help improve the local economy during these challenging times, but the New York initiative is one of the big success stories of the year ! So far, the experience has seen real accomplishments and has proven to be highly efficient. Dozens of restaurants have already subscribed to the project and were able to get helpful assistance from professionals. 
Anyone can help, which brings a wider vision, strength and guidance to restaurant owners,  and, eventually perhaps, hope to the whole community. 

Bali’s high concentration of restaurants makes for an interesting place to develop such an initiative. Things haven’t really been getting any better in Bali. Indonesia and the local governments have tried several approaches to revive the economic dynamics, but, unfortunately, with very little effect on the hospitality businesses on the Island of the Gods. When you know that big restaurant chains like McDonald in Kuta Beach have been unable to survive during the global pandemic, you can only imagine how much small companies are struggling to get help from governments.  Their only resort at this stage is to offer unsustainable discounted prices to attract visitors. 

Would you like to help your community but don’t know where to start ? CUB is looking for volunteers to launch this programme. Feel free to contact us :

Credits : CUB Team

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