The pandemic has triggered a cascade of monumental shifts in every aspect of our personal lives. For hundreds of millions of people around the world, the way they make a living will never be the same again, ‘Working remotely’ is a new trend that is here to stay. The CUB Label is taking on the task of rethinking how people will work from home, by proposing an initial collaboration venture based on  a reciprocal co-branding commitment.

Creating a working space at home

You may not have realized it yet but working from home is not only about having a  Zoom meeting while hiding your cup of café latte off-camera. To begin with, Remote Work is going to change the future spaces and uses of our homes. We’ll have to restructure our home expanses  with this new, connected office in mind. Whether it is about storage, partitions, new dress codes, or even functional jewelry for an optimized on screen experience; this new home/office social behavior implies a complete rethink.

A modular workstation

In New York or London, some high-end property rentals have already offered for several years amenities In New York or London, some high-end property rentals have already been offering amenities developed for this purpose for several years, with co-working spaces, kitchenettes, and Wi-Fi in every corner. But because of covid-19, co-working spaces might not be the best solution anymore, hence the need for designing the ultimate holistic home office. A corner of your living room will now be turned into a modular workstation that looks good on screen.

Innovative collaborations with designers

CUB Label is sending an open call for designers to collaborate on this project. The CUB Label is sending out an open call to designers to come collaborate on this project. Fully dedicated and experienced in arts, crafts and design, we aim to build innovative collaborations between makers and designers, in order to take their businesses to the next level. With this label, CUB continues to promote a community of entrepreneurs with shared interests. “United we stand” is our motto.

Total fairness in our contracts

So, whether you are a maker, or a designer, with the shared goal of growing your professional activity and creativity, join us and collaborate with us. With The CUB Label, you’ll be keeping your high standards of quality and total fairness in your work and ethics, and with the best partners out there. As you know, collaboration has become ‘the new black’ in design lately and there will be regular forays into a great many different fields.

Let’s meet!

We’ll provide funding and technical support during the R&D phase, while you’ll be committed to delivering blueprints and prototypes in time – before production and after both parties agree. Products will also be displayed in our office/showroom in the heart of Kerobokan’s crafts district. You have a collaboration idea to submit to us? Let’s make an appointment! Our aim is to promote groundbreaking creativity!

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