Co-Founder & Design Collaborations

A graduate of the National Superior School of Decorative Arts (ENSAD), Franco-American Nathalie Harvey worked and evolved on the Parisian art scene for over 20 years. Straight out of art school, she started exploring her own creativity in painting, inspired by the masters of pop art and by the renaissance era. Large scale colourful paintings using ancient technique were to become her signature style. Her works have received recognition and been exhibited around the world. Building on her successful artist career, she opened her own gallery in Paris in 2013. Her series of themed exhibitions, the first one being ‘La tendresse, bordel!’ about love, featured prominent artists from the French contemporary art scene such as L’Atlas, Phillipe Baudelocque, Madame Moustache, Mathias Kiss, Florence Mirol,  Fabrice Langlade, Treize bis… These themed art shows, organised with fellow artist Regis-R, lead to many of the artists having personal exhibitions in her gallery .

Natalie moved to Bali in 2019, where she co-founded CUB with Julie Noppe.

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