Co-Founder & General Manager

After a Masters in Art history, French born Julie started working at the Fresnoy National Contemporary Arts Studio in 2000, taking over the co-production and promotion of over 60 diverse and multiple-medium art projects created by the students and teaching artists (Dominique Gonzales Foerster, Jochen Gerz, Tsai Min Liang). By 2002, she had co-founded the ‘Collectif MU’ and been involved in cinema (Les freres Poiraud’s feature film Atomik Circus), sound design (Kouz production), as well sound walk projects and artist residencies (EUROPEAN SOUND DELTA) for major art centres such as ‘le Palais de Tokyo’ in Paris. After a course in Business management in 2008, she then went on to work for a start-up supporting environmental NGOs thanks to an online participatory advertising system. This led to her attending the Copenhagen Climate change conference with the Lille delegation. The opportunity then arose to head the development of a new project implementing horizontal (citizen and concerned parties) participation in decision-making through online tools for the agency ‘Sous les Angles’. 

Having settled in Bali in 2012, Julie rapidly fell in love with Balinese arts and crafts and had been looking for a way to promote them ever since. The idea of CUB came to her during the Co-vid pandemic as a means to give value and empower this unique and creative industry.

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