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Dex is a freelance cinematographer and high profile photographer with over 25 years shooting experience, from glossy commercials to chaotic indie-film productions. With a Masters Degree in Fine Arts & Metalworks from a London University, this Jakarta born artist has worked in high end portrait and fashion photography, both in Indonesia & internationally before a long standing career as an award winning cinematographer. This β€˜renaissance man’’s nomadic lifestyle eventually led him to settle in Bali where he founded his brand ‘Dooda the Hound‘, supplying high quality waterproof canvas and leather custom made lifestyle products. In parallel, he created his own range of custom blades, which he established after being introduced to and studying with a traditional master bladesmith in a highland village.

He lives by the belief that β€˜we are all given two eyes, good hands and a brain and we should use them all each and every day.’

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